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Thrustmaster GP XID Pro Wired Game pad Connects to a Windows-based system via a braided cable, so you can play games with similar controls to Microsoft’s game console systems. The GP XID Pro is outfitted with two rubber-textured mini-sticks as well as one cross-shaped D-pad for accurate aiming and movement actions. For quickly executing commands, there are your standard X, Y, B, and A buttons along with two progressive triggers and two bumpers. Moreover, one Windows Live shortcut button and two system-control buttons are on board.
Supports X Input (Xid) standard for Plug-n-Play compatibility Instantly recognized as an Xbox game pad in Windows with all buttons and axes allocated to relevant features and actions in games—no setup required.
Comfort and Ease-of-Use
Ergonomic design for ensuring a comfortable grip and quick access to all features Left mini-stick located towards the top (for direct access with left thumb)Right mini-stick located further down (for direct access with right thumb)Cross-shaped D-pad located in the lower left section (for direct access with left thumb).
Two high-resolution, 16-bit, progressive, and rubber-textured Mini-sticks optimized for handling and comfort Two long, curved progressive triggers with internal mechanism visible for enhanced precision and control Cross-shaped D-pad for precise control in 8 directions 12 digital action buttons + 1 Windows Live shortcut button.
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