Hardcover Notebook: Everything Gonna Be Tamam


In stock

Your notes and doodles have never looked better.


“Whether you’re an executive, a student, or a new hire, notebooks are as much an essential item as pens. Sure, more people are carrying around smartphones, tablets, and other touch screen devices, but the traditional notebook still out-performs them in some key areas. For one thing, notebooks never run out of power. For another thing, they never need to be upgraded or updated. There’s never a compatibility issue between pens and notebooks. And you won’t accidentally delete something from a notebook. For all those reasons, notebooks are still wonderful promotional giveaway items for any organization or business. Cool and so trendy design. Makes a beautiful display.

Hardcover with double wire – Laminated.
Palatina paper – 80 sheets – 100g.
One lined pages on the inside – recto-verso.
Size 15.85cm x 21cm x 1.1cm”


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