Barricade Strategy Board Game

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An interesting mix of luck, strategy, and planning skills.


Educational Board Game
Malefiz is an interesting mix of luck, strategy, and planning skills. It is a fun game that enhances the ability to strategize and think ahead to beat the opponents. It is a highly competitive game where capturing the opponent?s pawns may spell the difference between winning or losing.
The objective of the Game
The goal of the game is to reach the top slot with anyone of the pawns. The player who manages to reach the top first is the winner.
The first person to the playoff is decided with a roll of the dice. The players roll the die one after the other and move their pawns according to the number they have rolled on the die.
The pawns can move in any direction and across corners but cannot move past a barricade pawn. They can pass over pawns of other colors but only one pawn can occupy a given space. If a pawn ends up in the same space as another pawn, it captures the pawn that was in the space and returns it back to the starting position.
To move past a malefiz pawn, the malefiz must be captured. The captured malefiz must be placed anywhere there is an empty space except the 17 spaces on the bottom row.
So, let the fun times roll. Scroll up and get this Malefiz game now. It makes the perfect gift as it not only looks wonderful but also ensures hours of fun and entertainment for all.
Malefiz Wooden Board Game for 2-4 players
Strategy and Luck Board Game
Get into your competitive mode with this exciting board game. Sharpen your strategy skills, think ahead, and beat your opponents in this intensely competitive strategy and luck board game. Reach the top of the pyramid by capturing your opponents? pawns and be the winner.
2 to 4 Player Table Game
This is a table game for the whole family or a group of friends. The role of the die combined with strategic skills makes it a fun board game for kids. If you are looking for the best adult game, for many people, Malefiz it is.
Beautifully Crafted: The entire set is beautifully crafted in wood. The high-quality finish makes it one of the best buy toys on Black Friday. The board as well as the pegs are made with premium wood and finished to a beautiful smooth finish.
Classic Board Game Set: The set contains 1 game board that also serves as a storage box, 20 pawns (5 each of 4 different colors), 11 barricade pieces and 1 die. It is a great party game or indoor game for kids which will keep them busy for hours.

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