Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Lebanese initiative to support small businesses and independent sellers and help them sell online for free. is the leading online marketplace in the Middle East that makes the act of buying and selling items online extremely practical. We offer a wide range of attractive options to buyers and sellers that facilitate their e-commerce activities through a secure, safe, and user-friendly platform.

Do you have a physical brick-and-mortar store? is an exclusive online e-commerce platform. This allows us to focus all our core business activities on what matters the most: connecting Lebanese sellers to local and international buyers and through a reliable and secure platform.

How do I buy items online?

If you see something you like to qatch, click on it and follow the instructions on the screen. We will guide you step-by-step until you qatch your item in your hands. If you still have any questions, our Customer Service team is always ready to help you. Whatsapp us on +96170664222

How can I get support from

Our Customer Service team is always ready to support you in any way possible. Visit our Contact Us page to get the contact details.

How can I speak directly with a shop on

You can contact a shop by visiting their dedicated page on where you can find their phone number, email, location and social media pages.

I got my first qatch from, what is next?

Congratulations on completing your first qatch from! You should receive an email from us soon to track your order. Meanwhile, have fun discovering more cool items on our website.

Why is the courier company calling me?

The courier company will call you to arrange a pick-up time for an item sold if you are a seller or to arrange a delivery time if you are a buyer. It is very important that you answer to all such calls and respect the agreed upon times in order to ensure a timely delivery of the items.

I made an order 4 days ago and I still haven’t received it. Should I be worried?

We assure you that all of your purchases on are secure. Delivery time-frame (ex: 1-3 days) is specified by each shop independently and can be found on the details of the shop’s page.


I am worried that my item gets lost during shipment and delivery. What should I do?

You don’t need to worry at all. We only consider an item delivered when it reaches your hand. In the unlikely event of your item being lost, please follow up with the shop and/or the delivery company. In such cases, please seek the support of If you have opted to pay upon delivery, then you are not liable to make a payment and you will certainly not be penalized for a non-delivered item.

What happens if the item I received is not the item I ordered?

In the unlikely event that this happens, please contact the shop who will immediately take action to replace the wrong item as quickly as possible. However, please make sure to keep the item in your hands in the same condition received and with the original package intact.

I received the item but I changed my mind and don’t want it anymore. Can I return what I’ve bought?

If you’ve already received your order, you have to check the return policy of the shop from which you bought your item. If the item is eligible for return, it must be in the same condition received with the original package intact.

My item is defective. Can I return it?

If your item is defective or is not working as it is supposed to, please contact your shop who will provide you with the steps to proceed with fixing or returning the item depending on your particular case.

I have a complaint on a shop. How can I get a response?

You can file a complaint against the seller by contacting our Customer Service Team. All shops on are bound to respond to their customers’ inquiries and any noncompliance with our Terms and Policies will not be tolerated.

I think the item I bought is not genuine. What should I do in this case?

We do not tolerate any counterfeit items on and we take strict measures against any seller who displays fake products. Should this happen, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will thoroughly investigate such a complaint and take the proper action.

I am not satisfied with how the shop handled my complaint. What do I do in this case?

Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal. If you are unsatisfied with how a shop handled your issue, you can always contact the Customer Service Team to discuss your concern, and we promise to get you the answers you need. We are here for you.

What are the accepted payment methods on accepts credit and debit card payments online as well as Cash on delivery  where you can pay for your order once delivered to you.


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